Founding Myth: Moon

Founding Myth: Moon
Text, audio recording (interpreted by Judith HASSINE), light installation (40*40*150cm)

Chia is obse

Chia is obsessed with ancient civilizations and the traces they left, as it was a time where humans are not yet so much divided from non-humans. She thus created founding myths describing the relationship between the first human(s) and the world.
This particular myth is about how human suddenly turn conscious of their own existence, and by doing so, being separated from the world. The re-establishment of a cosmic relation, however, requires adapting one’s rhythm with the world.
Ancient myths are usually passed down by word of mouth, at gatherings either intimate or public, around fire. This piece of text is thus interpreted orally and placed in an installation in the form of a lamp, a “modern fire”. The audience is invited to approach the installation to listen.