Untitled Time-Space Series

Untitled Time-Space Series
Oil painting and gesso on uncoated canvas

Valley, 2020, 90*120cm
Window, 2021, 180*120cm
Tree, 2021, 150*200cm
Sunset, 2021, 90*120cm

In the tradition of Chinese painting, the “emptiness” signifies a “non-existence” in space and in time. It is exactly this “non-existence” that allows everything to exist. This non-existence creates a place for interactions between the painted object and the viewers, between interior and exterior, especially between humans and non-humans. It also allows the emergence of new ways of existence resulting from these interactions. By leaving out a big part of blank on the canvas, I hope that viewers can project themselves into the emptiness of the painting, then into the time-space painted in the painting, and then withdraw from it layer by layer. This alternance of perspective leads us out of a self-centric point of view, in order to reach “others” in another possible space and time.