Simple Music

Simple Music2022Photography on satin papier, sound installation80*30cm, soundtrack 0″50 played every 3 minutesCollaboration with Aya KITAOKA In Zhuangzi, one of the two founding text of Taoism, exists an allegory about the “celestial music”, which is sounds produced by a natural spontaneity, beyond human knowledge and rational world. It is a music that emerges from nowhere …

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Red Egg

Red Egg2017 Mixed media installationVariable dimension Inspired by a trip to a Mediterranean coast town, this installation replicates the process of constant heating and drying of typical Mediterranean summer. Life is difficult here during this period.A infra-red lamp is turned on to create the necessary micro climate in the corner of the exhibition room, and …

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If There Is No Wind

If There Is No Wind: Mountain/Water2018 Mixed media installation30.4*24.2 cm With mobile device and fast internet connection, we are used to see lots of moving images in our daily life. Moving images becomes banal, and the cause of the movement is often ignored. The installation If There Is No Wind: Mountain/Water deconstructs and manifests the …

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